Stamp Window


window innovation

Schrijnwerk Awards 2010 - category Carpentry & Joinery - first price


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In search for pure design with high technical performance, we asked ourselves: How can we maintain the integrity of our brick volume when designing the windows. We developed a window that has the effect of a stamp on a surface.  A stamp, also because the glass is positioned in the same surface as the brick and no profiles can be seen from outside.

Seen from the inside, the glass is framed by a simple afrormosia framework. It gives warmth and class to the interior. 

This concept of frameless windows lying in the same surface as the wall is often used in contemporary architecture. The way of detailing and executing these stamps however, is not so obvious and by far the most challenging part. Most of the time the look is similar but the underlying technique is not optimal. With structural glazing for example it can result in insufficient energy-performance and difficulties in changing the glass after a damage because of the use of glue and silicones. They often score low on acoustics and waterproofing.

Our detail provides a solution to these issues. The use of a wooden frame counters the loss of energy without the disadvantage of wood-maintenance on the outside, because there is none on the outside. The fact that the glass is structural clamped (mechanically) instead of structural glazed (with glue) erases the risk, difficulties and cost of glueing and allows to change broken glass easily. It’s placed from the outside so it is easy to reach when dealing with bigger surfaces or working with a crane.

Summarised we can say that the combination of technical correct detailing and the search for pure design led us to our own “stamp-window” design. For our office, technique is the way to achieve our specific custom-made architecture that is sustainable in time.



1/  aluminium window with ‘Hidden Vent’

2/  steel frame, 6 mm, with metalisation and powder coating, with permanently elastic joint + suspending joint

3/  wall construction: brick facing, air space, polyurethane, brick, plaster

4/  insulating glass

5/  Polyurethane strip

6/  wooden window frame, afrormosia, 150 mm x 58 mm

7/  wooden glassing bead, afrormosia, 35 mm x 28 mm

8/  8 mm toughened safety glass + 15 mm cavity + 13 mm laminated safety glass

9/  aluminium profile to structurally clamp the glass

10/  aluminium profile

11/  rebated joint (VEC)