Whether you are willing to build or renovate, whether you are looking for an architect to design the house of your dreams or you are looking for the perfect partner to develop your corporate projects… you have come to the right address.

You will notice that our projects are very diverse, yet they share the same maturation process. We are not looking for any particular style, we go for a specific approach. With passion, courage, and persistence, we guide every client in the building process of their own exquisite, tailor-made biotope.

We work at all scales and at all levels; from establishing your architectural project, to interior design and landscaping. For everything that crosses our path, we search advanced solutions, drawing inspiration from traditional and contemporary techniques. When these are not available, we create them ourselves.

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Kruul (our office)
Corten House
Farmer’s House
Hunting House ‘La Branche’
1 optician, 30 students & some animals
Janus Head